the perfect holiday card

The holiday season is truly the best time of year. To me, it means Halloween is finally behind us and we can make way for seasonal parties, gifting, craft cocktails with unnecessary calories and of course, my favorite part, holiday cards! All over the country, but especially in New York the holiday season is such a magical and festive time.

Holiday cards are such a vibrant childhood memory of mine. As a kid, I would run home from school to open the mail each day for an entire month. I would rip through the cards looking for my best friends family trip picture or the card from the cute neighbor (reminder: this was pre-social media days)! The internet will never beat a personalized card or hand written note delivered to your doorstep!

Now, as a mother and wife, I’m blessed to have both Chanukah and Christmas in my life. In keeping with the holiday card tradition, I try to pick a card each year that is holiday neutral but still festive. I find that my favorite cards have something a little extra special. Metallic details, glitters, and clean messages stand out amongst the rest! For an extra punch, add a personalized photo stamp from!

In the past, our Holiday cards have earmarked a special occasion in our life. Our engagement, wedding, and Ari’s first trip to Israel. This year,  I decided to recruit my photographer friend, Elizabeth to take some pictures of our sweet Ari.  I wanted something classic and fresh that would complement a holiday neutral card. We decided on a beach photo shoot and we were lucky enough to get the most PERFECT weather! A cloudy day means no squinting for the little ones!! I was so happy with them, it was almost impossible to pick a favorite picture!

Elizabeth Lowinger Photography

High quality pictures like these, display best on their own.  Yes, its next to impossible to pick just one but it’s such a sweet statement.

Tiny Prints has the most modern, and affordable collection of holiday cards and holiday party invitations. They also offer gift tag stickers that complement your card or invitation! The perfect touch to add to your hostess gifts, holiday gifts, or party takeaways. The Tiny Prints website is user-friendly and they have great discounts available this time of year.

Here are my top picks for this years card. These sample designs can all be found on the Tiny Prints website! Comment below and share which one is your favorite! Happy holiday card crafting!


With love your favorite party planner,

xx megan






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